Wednesday, September 18, 2013

40 Minutes to Go

Day 14: Sept. 18, 2013

Yesterday was the first day both of my kids were in school at the same time. Their dad loaded them in his big truck and drove away, then it was just me! First I washed the breakfast dishes. It took a LONG time, it felt like. Then I wandered around the house muttering that I wanted to maximize every minute of this freedom. An hour went by. Then it started raining like nobody's business and the house got really dark, like it was night time in the middle of the morning. I turned on the lights and began to climb the mountain of laundry in the bedroom. Then it really did get dark because the lights turned off. As in, the power went out.

There I was, sitting on the floor in the middle of a dark room strewn with clothes and other miscellaneous junk wondering where my hopes and dreams for my first morning off in four and a half years had gone. There was the dream of a yoga class, of a tennis lesson, of lots of productive violin practice, of maybe writing my post for the day. There was the dream of an hour in a coffee shop reading. Oh well, the power was out, the rain was coming down, the goats were panicking, and I had one hour until pick up. I left the laundry in a heap, called the electric company as fast as I could, answered incomprehensible questions about breakers and transformers, corralled the goats and sprinted to my kids' school. I parked, changed into my running clothes in the car, and with exactly 40 minutes to go, set out in the pouring rain on what turned out to be a beautiful run through the glistening raindrops of September.

Ironically, the highlight of my day was the moment I gathered my kids from their classrooms. My little boy saw me and burst into tears. And my sweet girl was so eager to hear about her brother's first ever school day. We celebrated with Lunch at Subway: two sandwiches wrapped in paper, a salad in a plastic bowl, two kids bouncing in the booth and a smile in my heart.

I think this blog is turning me into a tea drinker.  No decaf today.

Cups and Bags Challenge: $7 is a good number.  I like this number.  Let's see, if you want to know more about the C and B Challenge, read Day 6, Cups and Bags Challenge (I don't know how to turn this into a link.)  And email me here,, if you use a reusable cup to buy a drink of any kind!


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