Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cups and Bags Challenge!

Day 6, Sept. 10, 2013

I have an idea.  For every time someone uses a reusable cup, I'll donate $1 to our local recycling company, Bring Recycling, http://www.bringrecycling.org for up to $100.  And I'll also eat an extra dark chocolate square to celebrate!  If you buy a coffee with a reusable cup when you otherwise might have bought a disposable cup, send me an email here: cupsandbags@yahoo.com.  I'll call this the first Cups and Bags Challenge.  I'll keep everyone up to date on our progress to keep motivation high.  And if this takes a week, awesome, if it takes a year, awesome.

I accidentally had this idea while running yesterday. The idea came to me in the middle of my favorite running game, "find the bungalow I would move into if suddenly thrust entirely on my own."  I know, morbid. It turns out, all I really care about in a bungalow is a big covered front porch.  These all get 10s and the others get 1s. Anyway, my mind turned toward the blog, and what first popped into my head was a domain name: cupsandbags.com. So, that's working now.  Then I thought, what about a little logo, to print on actual coffee cups and grocery bags! This is why running is both wonderful and dangerous. You start getting ideas. The idea of getting readers involved really got me excited, and I started to imagine parades with giant reusable coffee cups and throngs of people cheering and road races, and opening a coffee shop with no disposable cups (my husband is so happy I run.)  So after all that died away, what was left was the Cups and Bags Challenge.  I figure, this should be easy, and possibly fun, and even if just one person switches to reusable cups for one week, its worth it.

So, join me if you want! It'll be fun, and I'll post a daily update. At some point maybe I'll have a fancy website with tickers and flashing lights and banners and things.

Today we went to the grocery store and I remembered to bring my bags, hallelujah.  And I made a pretty tasty cup of decaf during nap/break time, hallelujah.  And by some miracle, I managed to stay sane!


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  1. Love the watercolor -- seems very flapper-like (1920s) -- which kind of goes along with the Virginia Woolf-like stream of consciousness post. :)