Monday, September 16, 2013

Green Smoothie

A toddler can know exactly what he wants to say but not have the words to say it. This is how I feel while painting with watercolors. I can see in my mind's eye what I want to put down on the paper, but my hands are like little toddlers babbling nonsensically. If I can muster the energy, I might just get a book at the library to see what I can find out about painting.  Just wait, people, (but don't hold your breath!)

Here is another confession.  Lately I've been drinking caffeinated tea instead of decaf. Actually in most cases, in addition to decaf.  I've been so totally hammered every morning this past week, that my stash of caffeinated tea reserved for guests is quickly diminishing. Its funny how right after some caffeine, in my mind, I'm all happy and waxing eloquently about my children and my life. Sadly, this wears off.

Today, my son poured green smoothie all over the carpet in his sister's room and dumped a bag of chips on the floor so that he could pick them up with his bulldozer.

My daughter had her first day of Pre-K today, and it broke my heart. (I know, gag.)

Coffee today: again, none, (but as stated above, a big cup of caffeinated tea along with a HUGE dark chocolate serving was thoroughly enjoyed.)

Cups and Bags Challenge:  One report of reusable cup usage!  Yay.  That's $7 for Bring. Remember to email me at




  1. I totally get your coffee - tea - decaf - chocolate decisions. I navigate this terrain in much the same way. I could tell you every place in town to get a free coffee sample so that I don't actually drink a full cup and when it comes to dark chocolate - I don't mess around.

    1. (ps- This is Heather, I really love this blog. It is inspiring me in many ways. One of them being to pick up a paint brush and paint our new bulletin board. You will see it at the studio soon. Thanks for doing this!)

  2. I am enjoying the analogy of toddlers knowing what they want but not being able to it into words. Adults seem to have this problem on many levels! On the green tea, you do know green tea contains not only caffeine, which boosts energy (and far more gradually than coffee caffeine), but L-theanine, an amino acid that relaxes the mind while lifting our mood! L-theanine can help smooth out brain waves, which helps us sleep at night. Keep your caffeinated green tea for yourself! I cannot imagine a morning without it. Don't drink before bed!