Monday, September 9, 2013


Day 5, Sept. 9, 2013

My favorite way to enjoy my decaf when I'm at home, is after my two year old is in his nap, and my four year old is "on break" and I have a giant chunk of dark chocolate from Trader Joe's in hand.  This rarely happens though because I usually dive into my dark chocolate while I'm doing the breakfast dishes, and I make a decaf while my kids are playing together thinking I'll have a moment to myself. Today that moment turned into reading books about the human body with my kids who were both sipping "hot" tea. There was lots of spilling and fretting over the hottness of the tea, and why was my decaf a different color, and what would my decaf look like with hot tea in it.  It didn't look great, althought it still tasted fine. The truth is, the decaf I make kind of sucks.  It just doesn't taste very good. Thankfully, this provides a nice contrast between my decaf and the decaf I buy at coffee shops which ultimately is a benefit.

Sometimes my kids drive me to the brink of insanity and I start to question myself as a human being.  I start asking myself  lots of questions like, why can't I go for a run at a moments notice?  Why can't I control my anger? Why does my little boy like to hum large objects at my head?  If I yell at my kids will I ruin their lives?

At those moments, I would like to rewind and do over.  Or maybe I could introduce chanting into my life. Remember "Num Yoko Arenge Kyo," from the movie about Tina Turner?   Or I could use my love of decaf to my advantage.  Before yelling, or before my blood starts to boil because my kids won't put on their shoes, I can pause, make some decaf and breath. Except then we'd never get anywhere.  Maybe this should be my policy. Don't ever leave the house!

Then I wouldn't get to buy decaf.  Or write this blog.  And my daughter would never brush her hair again, which would frighten the goats too much.

Well, today was another success.  No disposable cups bought and no grocery bags either. One homemade decaf with hot tea enjoyed.

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