Friday, September 20, 2013

I Painted a Head

Day 16: Sept. 20, 2013

Today I painted a head. I consulted my drawing book called Heads and Portraits and followed the directions for making a head. I made a grid to proportion the face correctly. I put the eyes, the eye brows, the nose, the lips and the forehead all where they were supposed to go. I used a pencil to sketch first, then filled it in with color afterwards.

I had a range of feelings while making this watercolor. Initially, I was pissed. I didn't really want to draw a grid and conform to specific lines. But I wanted to make a face that actually looked like a face, so I kept on. Once applying the color, I became more excited. But, here's why. My watercolors are kid watercolors from Rite Aid. I don't know anything about mixing colors, nor do I have a wide variety of hues. So I figured, what the heck, lets paint a purple face, or a green face. With red lips and blue eyes. Lets just see what happens if I start applying color without thinking. I started with the eyes and lips, which I love, even though they are not realistic looking. Then the hair, the eyebrows and the nose. I decided against corloring the face itself. I felt I might drown my little head in the process.

I enjoy painting watercolors and writing essays, but so far, having to think hard about it makes me feel constricted. I love it when it comes easy. Duh, don't we all.  This reminds me of training for the one marathon I ran in when I was 33. After hard ten mile runs, I would think, I will never make it. No amount of running will make this 10 miles I just ran feel easy. But I had a lot of time to run, so I did and soon ten miles did feel easy. Soon, four miles felt like absolutely nothing. And on the day of the marathon, I felt amazing. Yes, it was hard, and I cried from mile 22 to the end, but I did it, and the first 22 were a breeze.

Will this happen again?  Will one day I sit down and paint a head without feeling constricted? Or will I write a post and read it back and think, yes, that's good, and that was easy? For right now, I don't know the answers to these questions, and that's fine. And I'm not sure the answers are important. What I must do is keep on keepin' on. So here's today's effort, and I hope you haven't fallen asleep, and if you have, hopefully, its bed time for you and this is what helped you slip into dream land.

Oh man, my coffee today was delicious as I bought some fresh beans from Trader Joe's (along with six pounds of dark chocolate (!!))

And we've made it to double digits for Bring! $10! Please spread the word about this silly idea of mine even if you're embarrassed for me while explaining it to people. Email me ( or send a facebook post if you use a reusable cup instead of a paper cup when buying a coffee (or any drink.)

Today's head:

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