Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Space Aliens

Day 7: Sept. 11, 2013

It seems I've hit upon a theme in the watercolors.  There's a drawing framed in my husband's parents house of a figure drawn by my husband when he was in fourth grade (I think.)  It might be sixth or even tenth, I can't remember exactly.  But I can see it distinctly in my mind, except for the legs. The legs are fuzzy for me. The shoulders are square and the sides of the body slope diagonally to the waist.  I remembered this drawing the other day and thought I would try it.  I've never in my life drawn a proper representation of a person.  Or one that makes any real sense.  Not that these make a lot of sense.  They kind of look like space aliens.

Today I painted the watercolor with my daughter. She was painting too, and she kept asking to trade paint brushes. She wanted to know why I put hair on top of the eyes.  She painted a figure herself, a big oval with eyes and a big red mouth and a line of hair over the eyes. She said, "I painted this to make fun of you."  And she kept painting and painting until the whole paper was filled with princesses and fish and all sorts of other items important to her right now.

Cups and Bags Challenge Update:  Two emails today. Thank you!!!! Two reusable cups utilized, hooray! Keep it up all you coffee buyers!  Here's the email:

As for me, no decaf at all yet today.  I have high hopes of running, practicing violin and cleaning my entire house after my kids go to bed.  Then maybe I'll have some decaf.  I'll let you know how that goes.


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