Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Day 13, Sept. 17, 2013

Sometimes when I'm camping and the moon is really bright I feel like there's a light on in my tent and I have trouble sleeping. This happens in my bedroom too. We have windows all around us and when the moon is full, I often ask my husband if there's a light on somewhere. Tonight there is a full moon and it reminds me about how my dad reads a book to my daughter called Many Moons about Princess Lenore in her sick bed asking her dad, the King to bring to her the moon. The King consults a wizard, a Lord and a mathematician to retrieve the moon and bring it to his daughter, but none of them can figure out how to do this. The King is distraught, but is saved by the court Jester who consults with Princess Lenore to find out what she believes to be true about the moon.  It turns out, it is merely a ball made of gold and is the size of her thumb nail. So the next day, the Court Jester brings her a little gold ball on a string and she is delighted.

It so happens that when I was nine years old, I played the role of the Jester in Many Moons, the fourth grade play. I remember this so vividly. I had to sing a song with the lyric, "the moon, the moon, the most mysterious lunar star," and I find myself to this day singing this lyric to myself all of the time. I also find myself having dreams about the friends I had in elementary school. I remember all of them so vividly and their phone numbers too. When the moon is full, it is so bright, so vivid and so beautiful, and it seems like this is what its like to be a kid. Its like the moon is shining out of their eyes soaking every thing with light burning memories into their brains that they will carry around forever. And I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter what the memories are, just as long as somewhere in there, they remember being consulted about what they believe to be true and that truth being honored.

Today I had a truly delicious cup of decaf from the gas station.
Cups and Bags Challenge: Still at $7, but totally pumped because Bring posted the blog on their facebook page!


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