Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rainy Tree

Day 25: Sept. 29,2013

Today is Day 25. A fellow mom friend asked me if so far I resent this daily task I've assigned myself. I would be lying if I said I jump for joy thinking about finding time to write in between butt wiping and dish washing, but I'm definitely not resentful yet. I enjoy the writing when it comes out easy and I really enjoy the watercolors.  I remember on my eighteenth birthday buying my first journal at a bookstore. I wrote in it all about how I hated this, loved that, found this to be interesting, boring, whatever popped into my head. By the time I was twenty two, I had ten or fifteen journals filled from front to back with free associations. After I graduated from college, while floundering around trying to figure out what to do with myself, I hid away in my dim apartment and read every word in those fifteen journals. It took about a week. Never until now have I considered writing anything for anyone else to read.  

I had to write papers in college on historical topics, (I was a history major.) This was not my forte. I had one professor say simply, "I don't know how to help, I am at a loss, C-." That was fun. This is why when I was applying for teaching jobs a year after graduating, I had my brilliant (seriously brilliant) English major friend write my cover letter.  I thought that was entirely brilliant in itself! My college career wasn't all flames and tears. My senior year I figured out how to write a topic sentence followed by supporting evidence and wrote some good papers for an English lit class. That was exciting. I wish I still had those.

I have this quality that once I decide to do something, I do it.  Ok, that's not entirely true.  I signed up to run a marathon that's happening in a week, paid the money, wrote out the training plan. I'm not running the marathon.  But the one marathon I did run, I ran six days a week from Jan. 1 to April 28.  I didn't miss a day. With the expectation that I'm going to write and paint every day for a year, I have no doubt that I will hate the project at least part of the time. I will kick and scream, but hopefully not at my husband, because I worry that he's already annoyed with me about this. Or maybe he's annoyed because its raining sheets around here, and everything is getting wet. Either way, I will write and paint, and find time for other aspects of my life, otherwise, I will be in trouble. (I find ending these little essays painful.  Sometimes it takes me just as long to end them as it does to write the rest of it. And I still don't like the ending.) (There's always tomorrow.)

Coffee: Delicious decaf enjoyed at home while watching the wall of water come down outside the window. (will it ever stop?)

Cups and Bags Challenge: $22! Email me at if you use a reusable cup to buy a drink, and I'll donate a dollar to Bring Recycling!


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