Friday, September 13, 2013

Stay Focused on the Good!

Day 9:  Sept. 13, 2013

I feel like I've seriously diverged from the roots of this blog; telling stories about old cross country coaches does not address reusable cups vs. paper cups.  For example, I started two posts today, one about hiking in the south of France, and one questioning the difference between private journal writing and public blogging. Both topics are interesting, but neither discuss the value of creating less waste. So far, my mom is my hero, for using a reusable cup three times in the last 7 days or so! She might be the sole reason the Cups and Bags Challenge makes it to 100.  And my other hero is a dear friend who inspires me everyday and who reported that she used a paper cup and forgot her reusable grocery bags three times this week!  I laughed a long time when I read that in an email.  Its true. We all have our thing.  She for example has a super kick ass backyard garden, with a nice compost pile, lots of veggies and fruits growing for her consumption every summer and into the winter too. And then, there are my neighbors who have garbage pick up only once a month in the little can.  And they have a kid too.

Where I grew up, people put unlimited garbage bags on the street for pick up every week. No extra charge. When we moved and had to pay to throw away "extra" garbage bags, my husband and I were peeved. In our home town, you could put a couch and a refrigerator on the street and the garbage guys would throw them in the truck and take them away.  Oh, and there was no recycling. Coming home after college, I lived next to a couple who had at least ten bags on the curb every week filled with shredded paper. I never figured that one out.

I guess for me, creating less waste is learned.  You see other people doing it, so you think, ok, I can do this too. Coffee cups and grocery bags are doable for me right now. Which is good because it makes me feel hopeful. I've become observant of the myriad ways people conserve and grow more hopeful, for me and the world. Stay focused on the good, people! It's nourishing and will spur more good.  Use a reusable cup sometime and see how it makes you feel. You just might become addicted!

Cups and Bags Challenge: 4 reusable cups used.  That's $4 for Bring Recycling.  Keep it up, people.  Don't forget to email me:

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