Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Until the Cows Come Home

Day 21: Sept. 25, 2013

I just called my husband and left a long message for my mom. Oh, my goodness, what is going on? Do you ever have those days? There's a lot going on in my life right now. I'm playing a concert for a retirement home on Friday, a Symphony concert tomorrow night, and I don't have a lot of time to practice for either since I would rather write this blog and paint my watercolor. And I'm going to New York next Wednesday for four days, which is giving me mixed feelings, mostly excitement, but also some nerves.

I was talking with a friend this morning about people's "things." Right now, my thing is to cringe when I see a disposable coffee cup. Her friend cringes when she sees kids on Halloween dressed up as animals on the verge of extinction. Like a polar bear or a tiger. And we were about to dive into what I think is such an important topic about how we can all sit around until the cows come home talking and writing about our "things," but not really moving our bodies to do anything about it. This is something I've struggled with ever since trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I'd say, since my late teens.

When I was eighteen I participated in a summer program called Summerbridge. It partnered high school and college students interested in getting classroom teaching experience with low income and low opportunity kids who wanted an academic challenge during the summer months.  The teachers worked hard to create lesson plans (I taught French and social studies) and the kids worked hard in their classes and at home doing homework. The program was also full of fun workshop experiences for the students and the teachers. Once Branson Marsalis came with his band and the whole program learned and sang together Jeremiah was a Bull Frog in multiple parts and verses that the kids made up themselves.

It was always going to be teaching for me, although at one point I thought it would be working at a non-profit. For me "non-profit" was anything that paid very little but provided a service for the community. I wanted something that would "make a difference." My teaching career has been varied, and now I teach violin which is exactly right for my life. But the nagging question of what I can do to "make a difference," lingers in my mind. This blog might be my attempt at that, but I recognize that all I'm really doing so far is utterly self centered and self serving. Perhaps I can slowly transform this into something more than that. That would be nice, I think.

Coffee: Green Tea today! Green tea is becoming more regular on the suggestion of my wonderful neighbor.

Cups and Bags Challenge: $15!  If you use a reusable cup to buy a any drink anywhere, post a comment below and I'll donate $1 to our local recycling co., Bring Recycling!


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