Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weather Comin'

Day 18: Sept. 22, 2013

Today I saw sunlight explode through a crack in the clouds while it was pouring down rain. I was fixing the goat fence and chatting with Wendy (one of the male goats) when there it was, a blast of light pouring through the forest at the north end of our property. It looked like there was a light on in a dark room. I didn't see a rainbow, but I imagined there was one somewhere. The rain was strong and the light was strong.

Yesterday while jumping on the trampoline with my daughter, it started to rain. She doesn't like to get wet, unless she's swimming. But for some reason, yesterday, she wanted to stay while the raindrops came down hard. We whooped and hollered. We sang raindrop songs and got soaked. It reminded me of a time tubing in Louisiana on a flat, hot river, and the rain began and we opened our mouths to drink it and let it plaster our hair to our heads. Rain in Louisiana is hard and fast, and doesn't last very long, but that day, we were in it.

Two days ago, the wind was blowing hard and it was raining leaves. Straight off the top of huge oaks the leaves poured down on our heads. At one point they blew towards us on the road and we pretended they were bad guys chasing us. My son wanted to crush them. I told my kids, "I think there's weather comin' so we better get home." I love saying, "weather comin'." Like weather is a person coming to visit. A friend who will make a big mess. Someone who will give you something to write about once they go home.

Today's coffee: two homemade decafs and a green tea.

Cups and Bags Challenge: Same as yesterday. (Read day 6 to find out what this is!)


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