Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Dream

Day 36: Oct. 10, 2013

Last night I dreamt I was in a musical. It was reminiscent of Pirates of Penzance, the Operetta I sang in last year, but it was different in that there were no pirates. Only ladies in huge dresses, which made them taller and wider than everyone else involved in the production. I had missed some rehearsals, so when it came time to be paired off with a man, there was no man for me. I recognized a few men's faces, but I dismissed this recognition right away, like, I knew it was my own fault that I had no man, even one I recognized as someone I should be paired with, and who should want to be paired with me. The overall feeling of the dream was that I was involved in something over my head, (our outfits were, in fact, over our heads,) that I didn't quite understand, and that wasn't really my thing. But I was there and willing to give it a go, as my daughter says.

This makes me think about how when I was a kid in seventh grade I recognized that my friends were my friends, and that although they were lovely friends and people, I really wasn't supposed to be paired with them. But somehow, this was ok for me, and I continued on perfectly fine, perfectly capable and happy in my pursuits and my social standing and marched on in the musical of life.

Then, of course, I relate this dream to writing and painting, but what I love about it is how, in the dream, there is a feeling of peace in the face of the person I recognize. There's a little bit of regret that we can't be paired, but mostly the feeling is that its ok. So, here I am writing and painting, and recognizing myself in it, but also knowing deep down that the feeling that I'm not really a writer or a painter is ok. That I can keep doing these things despite this feeling, despite the fact that I have been missing the rehearsals!  Oh, what a nice revelation. See, I love how dreams have message encoded in them, and when you decode them, your body suddenly feels all free and easy. And most of the time, the messages are not huge and momentous, but they have come out when you were not expecting them to, so somehow that's important.

Coffee: its still early, so none yet, but I have great expectations for what will be later today!

Cups and Bags Challenge: We're up two more dollars today! Total=$35. So Keep on keepin' on everyone! Email me here: or to my regular email or write a message on Facebook if you use a reusable cup to buy a drink and I'll donate a dollar to Bring Recycling.


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