Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ball Point Pens Suck

Day 55: Oct. 29, 2013

Today, my son drew on the couch with a ball point pen. I wanted to grab him and throw him. I wanted to YELL. I told him sternly that it was not ok to draw on the couch, and that he would have to stay in his room while I tried to get it out.

It didn't come out.

In my frustration I brought him to the couch to show him the damage.  And again, I wanted to throttle him. But instead I told him that even though he wrote on the couch I still loved him.

Saying that was REALLY hard for me.  I have a hard time letting go. And, for a second, I wasn't sure if me loving him was even true. Instead, I felt helpless and pissed, and betrayed.

When I forced myself to say I loved him no matter what, I felt the tightness in my chest release.

I brought him to his room for quiet time, and skipped reading books as a punishment, and he accepted that. I'm not sure that was the right punishment. I also took away his big Mack Truck for the rest of the afternoon.

It turns out a combination of rubbing alcohol and shaving cream will remove ball point pen ink from a micro-fiber couch. Who knew?

Coffee: One decaf from the library, and one green tea!

Cups and Bags Challenge: A friend bought a coffee at the grocery store with her reusable mug, so now we're up to $53!

Watercolor: (I want to learn Spanish and I want to take a watercolor class.)

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