Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thoughts on Bizarre Eating Habits

Day 52: Oct. 26, 2013

I'm on the verge of eating an entire 2.5 pound container of nuts. The Extra Fancy Mixed Nuts from Costco. Very salty, and although they are delicious, I am so tired right now that my hand is reaching into the nut jar of its own accord, and I'm sort of letting the nuts over take my stomach with no brain power to retreat. It's ok, it might be over, now that I'm typing at the computer. Nope, there it went again. 

There was a three or four year period in my life when I didn't eat nuts, or almost any fat for that matter. I was probably nineteen or twenty and I went to the university book store and bought a book with the title, Eat Fat, Get Fat, or something like that. This would have been around 1993.  This book recommended that you not eat for a couple of hours after waking up. Get yourself good and hungry, then have a bagel and a coffee. I swear, I'm not lying, this is what I read. And this is what I did. Sometimes I would go to my favorite frozen yogurt store and get a non-fat fro-yo, and I'd have my bagel, and I'd sit on a city bench and dip the bagel into the fro-yo, and that was my lunch. Oh my god, just thinking about it makes me want to keel over and die. 

And I would work out like a maniac, but I never felt quite right. I had really really bad gas all of the time (no comment, husband.) I was bloated all of the time. I was forgetful, would lose things, was totally unable to keep track of my belongings. Once I locked myself out of my college dorm room three times in one day, having to call the lockout people at $10 a pop.  

This culinary choice ended when I met my husband. Thank hallelujah. He loves cheese and meat and nuts and butter. And as it turns out, I feel a lot better now! Although it also turns out that I have to be pretty darn vigilant about the sweets or else the gas/bloating/spaciness trifecta emerges like a slow leak. Its ok, because the dark chocolate is not too sweet and I can eat a lot of it, and still feel good. Unless of course I inadvertently eat 2.5 pounds of fancy nuts and can't get up from my chair. 

Coffee: I had a pour over from a little place next to the birthday party we went to today.  It was delicious, but what's a pour over?

Cups and Bags Challenge: A friend at her annual Halloween party reported that she bought a latte with her reusable cup! Way to go!!! AND an old friend from highschool reported that he uses a reusable cup daily, so, we're on a roll now baby!! Ok, so today we're at $50. (Halfway!) If you use a reusable cup to buy any drink, email me here: and I'll send a dollar to Bring Recycling.


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  1. A pour over, I think, is more or less the so unfancy it's fancy "new" way of basically making your coffee with a Malita, which I believe, if I'm not mistaken, I told you about a year ago. (ha!)