Wednesday, October 23, 2013

She's Gone

Day 49: Oct. 23, 2013

It's over. Jane is gone. I finished the book. I am in a mourning period.

The ending was gripping to say the least. I read it twice because it being over was not acceptable. Thank goodness St. John refused to take her to India as a "sister." She was ready to go. She would have left her heart in England and trudged her mind to India to try and convince Hindus to become Christian and follow Jesus Christ. Oh, I am glad she stuck to her guns! I get it now. When I wrote  Jane W. Bush,  I scolded her for her rigidity. But in the end, her rigidity brings her back to Edward who is the one for her, the one with whom she can be herself (isn't that what we all want?) and he's blind, but that's better because it gives her valuable feelings of self worth to help him, and it brings them closer. She translates the visual world into words, and he listens! They have kids and by that time, his one eye that is still there, begins to see ever so slightly so that when he holds his first born, he can see his little boy's eyes. (Tears, here.)

I would be curious to know how ridiculous this all sounds to an actual English Professor. And to know more about the symbolism in the novel. And how this novel was received in its day. And was Charlotte Bronte rigid and repressed in every day life or was she an expressive odd ball? Ugh, now I might have to read some non-fiction to find the answers to these pressing questions. (Not until I finish Pride and Prejudice.)

One thing I love about Charlotte's style is how she has Jane address the reader. "Dear reader," she would say often. It was cute. And I always respond, "yes, Jane?" "I agree, Jane." "Tell me more, Jane."

If you have read this book, or are planning to read it, please, share your thoughts in the comments. I do want to start/join a book club and we're talking about it, but we're all so darn busy, it might never happen.

Coffee: Should have had some Caf. today. No cups bought, though.

Cups and Bags Challenge: Still the same today!


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