Friday, November 29, 2013

My Little Hurricane

Day 72: Nov.29, 2013

My two year old is wind. Loud and relentless. By the end of the day, I am on my knees and the tears have been pushed out from under my eyelids flowing sideways past my temples by his gusts of energy and constant motion. I can see my daughter and I can hear my husband, but I am standing in a wind tunnel.

Every morning, I think to myself, how shall I brace myself today? Shall I agree to hold him every time he says UPPEE even if I have to make the breakfast, clean the dishes, pick up the toys, scrub the floors, wipe the spills, fold the laundry, comfort my daughter, make the lunch, pack the bags, eat food, get dressed, feed the goats, answer the phone? How many deep breaths will it take to absorb the gales? Three or three hundred?

Every night I think about how many times I saw the whites of his eyes that day. You know how when a dog is scared out of his mind, he gives you that look and you can see that part of his soul that makes you sick with sadness for him. I wonder how many times I scared the crap out of my son trying to calm him.

Then there's my daughter sitting in the wings, waiting. Waiting for a chance to talk to me. To see me and hear my voice. Well, and how she tells me that she loves her brother, but then he hurls a metal car at her back.

Sometimes there is laughter amidst all the noise. Loud exclamations of "CRAB," which to me sound like, "CRAP." And the song twinkle twinkle little star sung entirely on the word, "muffin."

Coffee: I made some yummy coffee in a coffee maker.

Cups and Bags Challenge: Yay! One more email came in today. Its fun to hear from people who have cup stories. Oh, and one of my friends brought her cup to rehearsal the other night... she doesn't know that I noticed. So we're up to $97! If you use a reusable cup, send me an email ( or a text or a FB message, and I'll send a dollar to Bring Recycling.


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  1. This is one of my favorite posts you've ever written. Beautiful.