Wednesday, November 20, 2013

One False Step = Endless Ruin!

Day 63: Nov. 20, 2013

I'm so furious at Victorian England right now. How ridiculous that a girl of 16 who runs off with a man who led her to believe would marry her, then doesn't, is better off dead.  And that her entire family might as well dig a giant hole underground and go live in it because otherwise they will be shunned and ridiculed throughout the land. This is what's going on in Pride and Prejudice right now. The youngest of the Bennet sister's left her guardians and rode in a carriage with a male officer to London thinking she was eloping, but somehow they didn't get married and instead were hiding out in a hotel somewhere. Once found, the man was bought by her relatives and convinced to marry the girl. And in the mean time, the girl's entire family is in panic mode because the loss of virtue in a female is irretrievable and one false step involves her in endless ruin. (That last sentence was lifted directly from the book.) And the family is encouraged by her neighbors (who are offering to help, but secretly celebrating  the family's downfall,) "to throw off their unworthy child from their affection and leave her to reap the fruits of her own heinous offense."

What must it have been like for smart educated women in Victorian England to have absolutely no worth whatsoever except as a wife and mother? Oh, this would have driven me to insanity, as it probably has driven lots of women throughout the history of the world. I am so glad that women nowadays have choices. And that at least in most places, people have loosened up about marriage and love and relationships. I'm glad that the discussion today for women is about how to have a family and a career, as opposed to how to be transferred from the authority of their parents to the authority of their husband with as little humiliation as possible. Not that the question of family vs. career is an easy or fortunate one. Having a mother who has worked all of my life and still works today made it very difficult for me to consider staying home with my kids, although when the time came, I was ready. I had worked, I had studied, and my husband's job could support us all.

Perhaps I will explore this topic later on, but for now, enjoy today's watercolor lady.

Coffee: NO cups bought today!

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