Monday, November 4, 2013

Schubert Death

Day 61: Nov. 4, 2013

Tonight we (the Oregon Mozart Players) begin rehearsals on Schubert's string quartet, Death and The Maiden, arranged for string orchestra.  The concert is this Saturday night, and it should be terrific. This piece is drama drama drama. Imagine a murder mystery combined with a love affair combined with an agonizing personal struggle, all taking place in pristine beauty. (This reminds me of the book I'm reading right now, Wild, by Cheryl Stayed, which I plan to write about soon.  Really good book, but somewhat agonizing and very personal.)

Listen to Schubert Death here:

Coffee: One coffee at our lunch spot in my reusable cup.

Cups and Bags Challenge: Adding three bucks for my friend in New York who has been using the cup that he bought!! Up to $80!! Almost there.  If you use a reusable cup to buy a coffee, email me here: and I'll send a dollar to Bring Recycling.


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