Friday, November 22, 2013

Thoughts on Screens, Kids and the Weather

Day 65: Nov. 22, 2013

Its November in Eugene, Oregon and the sun in shining! And its COLD. Our friends said it was 17 degrees at their house this morning. Our well pump froze and the water stopped flowing through our pipes. YIKES. Here's the thing. My husband and I chose to move to Oregon as opposed to Maine in order to avoid 17 degrees. Its supposed to be warm and rainy. We're supposed to be bundled in rain jackets and rain paints instead of winter parkas and ear muffs. And the other thing is that I grew up in hot New Orleans. Hot, balmy, sweaty, smelly, wonderful New Orleans. I know, I talk about this all of the time. There will come a time when I will have lived away from New Orleans longer than I lived in New Orleans.  Actually, that time is coming soon.

On another topic.  I just read an article about Generation Y or iY as kids these days are called. It was called, "Are We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids." Here it is: What grabbed me in the article, and what always grabs me in these kinds of discussions is how kids these days are "addicted" to screens. i pads, i phones, TV, whatever. For the most part, I agree that too much screen time for a kid is bad news. And I will resist my kids having their own phones and i pads and video game equipment and their own computers as long as possible. My husband will argue that this will put them at a disadvantage in the world. He feels like video games foster problem solving skills.  I'm fine with that. And its true, people today are checking their phones at every turn. I do it. I was at a birthday party the other day, and at one point, every parent was looking at their phone while the kids were running around. I was at a restaurant for lunch close to a middle school. A seventh grader sat down at a table with his box lunch, pulled out his i phone and ate his lunch with his phone. Is reading your phone the same thing as reading a book?

When I was a kid, I had a Donkey Kong game. I was in middle school, and I loved it. It was a big box with a screen and some controls and it had sound effects. I played it a lot. Man, it will be interesting to navigate this electronic mine field as my kids grow up. Maybe I'll steal Michelle Obama's screen time rules for her kids: no screen time at all Mon-Thurs, one hour on Friday, and two hours each on Saturday and Sunday. That's any screen. TV, computer, phone, etc. (Once when I was watching TV I saw her give an interview about obesity with Dr. OZ. In this interview she also demonstrated her amazing jump roping skills.)

Coffee: No disposable cups bought today!

Cups and Bags Challenge: Holy Smokes! I had FOUR emails today about reusable cup usage! Thanks everybody! That puts us up to $87!  13 more dollars people! If you use a reusable cup to buy coffee, send me a email, text, FB message, and I'll send a dollar to Bring Recycling!


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