Monday, November 25, 2013

What We're Thankful For

Day 68: Nov. 25, 2013

Today my kids and I were eating lunch together at a burrito restaurant and we were talking about Thanksgiving and what we were thankful for. Here are our lists:

My Daughter:

1. You, mommy.
2. The Goats, of course.
3. Daddy
4. And my brother
5. My friends
6. My School
7. Meme and Poppe
8. Yaya and Papa
9. The Beach
10. Thanksgiving
11. Turkey, the live kind
12. Flamingos, because they have these beautiful feathers.
13. Tomato soup
14: Sand castles
15: Sand volcanoes
(will she ever stop talking?)

My Son:

1. Chairs
2. Those pictures
3. Orange Juice


1. My Husband
2. My Children
3. All of my family
4. The food we're eating
5. Eating lunch with my kids
6. All of the friends in my life
7. Sun shining through trees
8. The opportunity to sleep in a bed every night
9. My Health
10. The Health of my family

Coffee: One cup of homemade coffee enjoyed in my reusable cup! No cups bought.

Cups and Bags Challenge: I wanted to share some photos of people's cups who have shared them with me!



We're up to $95. Ok, we're almost there! Soon, we'll start on Challenge 2!
If you use a reusable cup, email, text, or FB message me and I'll send a dollar to Bring Recycling. (


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