Sunday, December 15, 2013

Big and Beautiful

Day 90: Dec. 15, 2013

I had some cool dreams last night. The first was about an enormous, beautiful house. A house that is owned by my very large extended family and has been in the family for many generations. I saw the house there in my dream, and I was pantomiming with a friend about the best way to throw a party there. (There was no talking in the dream.)

The next dream involved the house I live in now, sort of. My husband and I were admiring our home's interior, and realized there were rooms in it we had never seen before. We became curious about these mysterious rooms, and continued to explore. We found cute nooks with bright windows, a cute entrance area that we thought was exceptionally well laid out, and then, an entire kitchen we didn't realize we had. It dawned on us that we had an apartment in our house that we could rent out! We had not known this before, and what a boon!

I am a dreamer. I dream often. Sometimes the dreams are vivid, sometimes vague, but usually I wake up with a feeling. Like this morning, I woke up and felt right away that both houses were telling me that I feel strong and beautiful and open. Like I'm willing to share myself (which makes sense, I've been doing this for a while now, for better or for worse.)  Ok, but there is a part of the second dream I haven't told you yet. It was actually super weird and gross, hence my hesitation. It was in the kitchen. Left over food on the counters, and (close your eyes,) ants that were disassembling the food then in a moment reassembling it. Weird. It was sandwiches. I mean, I don't always do the dishes right away. I usually do, but I think yesterday, there was food on the counter for a while since it was Saturday and we were rushing to get out of the house.

Ok, here's and idea: this blog is making me feel all open and willing to let people in (although we're talking about an apartment for RENT,) but at the same time its getting me all mixed up and reassembled over and over.  I don't know. I could go on and on, but that could be awkward. Maybe its that I'm supposed to make money writing this blog. Yes, that must be it. My husband will be so pleased.

Either way, I love a good dream that keeps me thinking.

Coffee: None. How is that possible?


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