Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Lovers

Day 75: Dec. 1, 2013

There's this cute little couple sitting across from me in the coffee shop. They're sitting side by side at their table, their faces about three inches from each other, exchanging words and long animated thoughts. They are stylish, the girl wearing a black trench with leggings and high black boots. The boy a sporty jacket and cute short hair. They are alternating between lusty conversation with intermittent kisses and furious individual texting on their phones. Every so often, they stop everything and the boy lies his head against the girl and she looks vacantly, but longingly off into the distance. Its cute.

What was your favorite dish this Thanksgiving? Mine was the stuffing that my mom bought at the grocery store. It wasn't particularly delicious in its own right, but it enhanced the rest of the food to the point where I didn't ever want to stop eating. It was the big bread chunks. I  made the yams with orange juice, cinnamon, a little salt, and a light marshmallow topping, my husband made a zucchini mushroom mixture, and my mom made the turkey. All truly delicious. I don't know. The memory of this Thanksgiving will live on for a long time. The food. And last night's scrabble game. I won, but like I pointed out at the end, everyone played really well. I picked a continuous stream of superior letters. And I went first, laying down VISOR as the first word. 36 points. My husband tried to get away with the word, "NEXTS."

Tonight I'm rehearsing a tedious concert with the Symphony. Its all Tchaikovsky. He's the poster boy for the Romantic period of music history. Perfect for the coffee shop lovers. Here's one of the pieces:

Its the String Serenade which is nice. Fun to play, and we'll probably play it standing up, which is fun too.

One thing I learned this week: Letting go is easy if you just let go.

Coffee: Drinking one right now. Trying to avert my eyes.  The lovers are really getting into it now.

Cups and Bags Challenge: We're still at $98. My most devoted fan wants to be #100 as she commented last night and I will gleefully leave that honor to her. So, we need one more reusable cup user, then, when she lets me know, we'll be at 100. Just in time for Christmas! If YOU use a reusable cup, send an email, a text, or a FB message and I'll send a dollar to Bring Recycling! (


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