Friday, December 13, 2013

Movie Memories

Day 88: Dec. 13, 2013

It's Friday the thirteenth. I used to watch scary movies on this day as a kid. One thing I am pleased about in my life is that I never again have to watch another scary movie. No movies about masked men with chain saws, or kids romping around in the woods worried about weird crap happening. I'll see an add on tv for a scary movie, and I practically giggle with glee at the thought that I will never see that movie! I will never sit through two hours of blood, killing, suspense, gross monsters, weird crap happening. Somehow, in middle school when Friday the thirteenth rolled around, I always found myself at this or that person's house watching Freddy or graveyard movies, or I can't even remember them anymore.  Although I couldn't articulate it then, somewhere deep in the recesses of my body, I knew this scary movie watching activity was not for me.  I just grinned and bore it. Even if it was Friday the thirteenth. Or Halloween.

And now that it's the Christmas season, its time to watch my most beloved movie, which is like a friend to me, the one movie I can recite many of the scenes verbatim: When Harry Met Sally. I know, many of you are shaking your heads, fake vomiting, vowing never to read another post as long as you live.  I will die loving this movie. I will watch it at least 1000 more times before I die, and I will refer to it in my mind more than that when trying to figure out what to do with my emotions. One of my favorite scenes is when Harry and Sally are in Sharper Image checking out the karaoke machine. Harry's singing Surry with a Fringe on Top and Helen (Harry's ex-wife) walks in with Ira (her new man.) Harry stops while Sally keeps on singing and finally into the microphone, she asks him what's wrong? and he says, "it's Helen," and she says, "Helen?" for the whole store to hear. I love that scene! I love all of the scenes.

I love how the little old couples sit on the couch and describe how they met each other. "I went up nine extra floors just to keep talking to her. Nine extra floors." I find myself saying that in my head every time I'm on an elevator. Or the little Asian couple whose marriage was arranged, but the man wanted to see her first. So he snuck over to the next "willage" and thought she looked really nice, so it was ok. And they'd been married 65 years, or something.

Unfortunately, I do not own this movie. I will have to rent it yet again this year. They don't let you stream it instantly on netflix, the bastards. Maybe its because its so good they know people will go the extra mile to get their hands on it.

Coffee: Today was a GREAT day! No treacherous driving. The snow has melted. Schools were open (of course my kids don't go to school on Fridays.) Nevertheless, the wait is over, and we're back to normal. Phew!


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