Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snow, Snow, Go Away, Come Again, Another Day (Not.)

Day 87: Dec. 12, 2013

I have a thirty minute window to write something. Should be enough time, right? But, this snow situation is getting me all agitated. And my mind can't seem to focus on any one idea for more than two minutes. Today is Dec. 12, and since Nov. 23, our local schools have been open for three days. Snow days, Thanksgiving break (a week,) furlough and teahcer conference days have kept the schools closed all the other days. And my kids decided when it was 2 degrees not to sled anymore. Now its 32 degrees, there's plenty of good snow on the ground and I'm stuck inside with perfectly happy kids running around the house playing all kinds of bizarre games invloving imaginary cars, baby dolls, animals, monsters, etc. Its not bad. Really. Its great that they can play well together. I'm going insane, however.

I think its the not knowing what's going to happen that is my down fall. I allow my mind to wander to the possiblitly that I'll have a few hours to myself the next day. I see visions of writing in quiet, picking up my symphony music, having a clean house for more than thirty seconds, finishing some Christmas shopping. I get to the point where I'm sure school will open.  After all, the weather website says 39 degrees! I allow myself to plan. BAD IDEA. HORRIBLE IDEA. Because, then I'm so crushed when I see on the website that due to weather conditions, the schools will be closed AGAIN.

And we have it good compared to a lot of folks who are dealing with broken pipes, although my husband just informed me that we have water coming in our bedroom window. I better go back there to see if he needs any help. Afterall, my mind is in a tizzy.

Coffee: None today. The world is all askew.


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