Sunday, December 8, 2013

Whatever Comes to Mind

Day 83: Dec. 8, 2013

Well, darn, I missed yesterday. I was writing away, and a Christmas project started seeping up through the cement slab of my brain, and I my blog drowned. Darn. No guilt. It just happened.

Today I am determined to write a little. I don't have much to say, so I'm just going to write whatever comes to mind. Forgive me.

The world is on a string. There is snow everywhere, and the temps are LOW. The goats are still alive. My daughter is sleeping at her grandparents house. Sometimes I feel great, sometimes not, and I'm pretty sure these feelings coincide with my female hormone levels. I haven't had a good workout in too many days. I love my husband and when we are forced to spend three whole days together because the city we live in shuts down when it snows, it makes me feel so happy to have him in my life. I love to sing Christmas carols. I love "Lo How a Rose Ere Blooming," except that I don't actually know the words.

That's good.

Coffee: Had a nice coffee just now while my husband and his friend are watching a movie.


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