Thursday, February 20, 2014


Day 97: Feb. 20, 2014

I remember my grandmother and grandfather's house well. It was a tiny house set back from the street nestled among Garden District mansions in New Orleans. The house was just a few blocks from my house and I could walk there easily.  Wednesday afternoons were the days I'd go there after school and about those days I can remember two things: saltine peanut butter crackers, and my grandfather sitting on the couch in the sun room under an umbrella, or watching TV and listening to the radio at the same time, or reading.  And its possible that every single time I saw him he asked me if I had my violin and would I play the Bruch violin concerto for him. I eventually did play that concerto, but I don't remember him being there to hear it.

I really wish my son could meet my Grandfather because I'm sure the two of them would hit it off. My Grandfather, (we called him Big) was a comedian. His jokes almost always involved word play and wry comments about life and society. My son is also a comedian. He likes to vary from the norm just to make people laugh. And he would have sat right underneath that umbrella as if nothing unusual were going on.

My grandparents used to yell at each other a lot, which seriously scared the crap out of me. I hope one day my mom writes down the story of her life living with them. Not an easy task, but it would be so interesting! At least to me.

Here' a dumb question, but one I've been thinking about for the past couple of days: If you had to choose between Nature and Culture, which would you choose? Like if someone sat you down and said, either you have to live in a cement city with all the music, art, and literature that you want, or you have to live (comfortably) in a pristine environment of natural beauty, without any of the items mentioned in the first scenario.  You could still use your brain in the second scenario, i.e. you could write, or make your own music (you'd have to make your own instruments.) I know, an idiotic question.  I'm not sure yet which I'd choose. My first instinct is to say Nature.

Coffee: N/A as of yet.


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  1. What a great hook. Growing up with Big. Can't wait. Coming soon.