Sunday, February 16, 2014

Do You Believe?

Day 93: Feb. 16, 2014

I have a new reusable cup. It is in my purse. It has a pretty design on it with the word BELIEVE written on it.

Here are some things that I believe:

1. Next year's blog project is going to be performance oriented.
2. I will do a major through hike before I die. The PCT, The AT or the Colorado, or maybe one in a foreign country.
3. There will come a time when my closets are, in fact, organized and stay that way.

Crap, I've tried for the last ten minutes to think of number four, but nothing is coming to me. I mean, seriously, I don't believe that much. I don't have strong convictions about things. I'm good with most aspects of life, although I don't like loud horror movies.  I don't like it when the type on my computer screen shrinks to an infinitesimal size because I hit a random key or unknowingly swipe the mouse pad just right (and have no idea how to get it back to normal.)

4. I believe its important to always work on yourself. To experiment with unknown territories in life. (Maybe I could work on mastering my computer?)
5. Learning Spanish is useful, if only so I can say this sentence: "no entiendo quando lo dice."  (translation: I don't understand when you say it.)  I love saying this because of how it sounds and how it feels to say. I can't explain it. 
6. I am loved!

Coffee: Haven't lost the cup yet (the one that I bought today.)



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