Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Day 98, 2014

Painting is really hard but some people make it look really easy. My artist friend who I was with four months ago when this whole thing started is here again, and we're painting together. We're painting from the same still life. Uh, it turns out, I have no patience for finer details. My poor little drawing is so hideous. And his drawing is so beautiful! 

It turns out, I'm competing with my friend to make the more beautiful drawing.  They're not drawings, they're paintings.

Today's painting is bigger than my usual.  On nice paper that was purchased at the art store this morning.  See, my mind is on where my daughter will go to kindergarten next year, which makes it difficult to think fully about where to put the shadows and what colors to start with. Nonetheless, I am excited about the two watercolor books my friend found for me today, and the paper, and the new brushes.  Exciting days are ahead. 

Coffee: Wish I had had some caffeine today.



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