Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February 22, 2016

Hello blog.  Its nice to see you! I have missed you!  I have so much to tell you that I'm not sure where to start. Just so you know, if we do get back together, I am not going to spend a lot of time with you, like it was last time. And I will give myself to you not very often, and not necessarily thoughtfully, and I will not post you on Facebook.  I hope these parameters work for you, because they work for me and I'm kind of excited about it.

Lately, I've been writing in a free thought journal in the mornings, not every day but probably three to five times a week.  Its what keeps me sane and happy. This page is not the same thing, but maybe it will also keep me sane and happy.  My husband bought me a new computer last year right before I quit writing on these pages.  Ironic, huh?  And we moved from our house in the country to a house in town, and hopefully he won't read this, but I miss our house in the country, even though I didn't really like the house that much. It was a beautiful house. I just didn't like how when I looked out of the windows, I couldn't see the sky. Its a problem I have. I enjoy our new house. I enjoy being able to ride my bike to symphony rehearsals, and I enjoy driving about 20 minutes a day as opposed to 90 minutes a day.  Big difference.

I was thinking about my journal and wondering whether I had left it at the restaurant where we ate breakfast the other day, and I thought about how if anyone picked it up and started reading the pages, they would find a babble of words, like a bubbling creek, or a conversation in a foreign language. I had other thoughts that I cannot remember right now. You should always write down the thoughts you have when you first open your eyes in the  morning. Dammit all, I thought I would remember them.

Good bye for now.


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