Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hello. I'm back. Not really listening to my inner shrieker saying, get the honey out of here and go take a bath.  Read a book. Stop researching homeschooling, stop reading blogs about other people's lives! Don't let yourself go. Go use your new pillow!

I remember watching my Dad read so many books. And my mother write and write and write. And my mother played the piano while I danced in the living room: the Pathetique Sonata by Beethoven. Can you believe we live only one life?  Can you believe that one life comes and goes, then its all over?  And there are so many blogs. There are so many people writing about how to live this one life. So many people writing with advice about how to get along, how to maximize each moment, how to accept failure and move on or how to prevent failure in the first place.  How to slow down and smell the flowers.

One reason I want to homeschool is because I might spend all of the time my kids are at school reading blogs instead of actually taking their advice.  My poor boy is sick with diarrhea. My girl is full of laughter and contentment. Do I have the balls to homeschool?  Do I have the courage to follow my instincts?  Please, allow this to happen. Don't force it. Allow it to come, to occur, to fruit.

All is well.


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